Weekly Schedule

Studios start at 8am and finish at 4pm.


Yoga/Meditation is how we start the day and same how we finish.

Each day we have Socratic Discussions 2 times. Socratic discussions ask Eagles to make and defend difficult real-world decisions, supporting Acton Academy’s learning philosophy:

Clear thinking leads to good decisions; Good decisions lead to the right habits; The right habits forge Character; Character determines destiny.

Core Skills cover all the academics. In Kindergarten hands-on Montessori equipments to build number sense, Reader Island deepens foundational reading skills using BOB books, Handwriting practice. In Elementary and Middle school self-paced through interactive online tools, deep books reading, dedicated time for Writers Workshop projects.

During Project Time Eagles are working in teams for 4-6 weeks series of challenges to master 21st-century skills. Each project finishes with an exhibition. Project work always involves academic skills and art and lot’s of team effort.

Eagles are responsible for maintaining their own Studio. Studio Maintenance is one of the most important systems at Acton Academy, both. Keeping their space clean and leading the Studio Maintenance system help Eagles experience freedom and responsibility in their Studio.

Academic Calendar


Acton Academy does not have an attendance policy that specifies a required number of days that your child must be in school. It is the school’s philosophy that traveling with family and engaging in experiences with family is fruitful and educational.

At the same time, consistent attendance will help your child be fully engaged with the community and with the project/quest learning. In fact, most projects depend on the participation of all team members. If you know in advance that you will be taking your child out of school, it is helpful for the other Eagles in the studio to be informed so they can make alternative work plans.  

While away from school, your Eagle will be able to access his or her online programs and the Points Tracker for studio assignments.

Our academic calendar is 2 weeks longer than most of the private schools calendar in Turks and Caicos (means shorter holidays).

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Contact Us

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