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Embracing rigor is part of saying ‘yes’ to a Hero’s Journey. Deep learning brings a special sense of joy, but the mastery required for a Hero’s Journey goes even further, requiring commitment, discipline and hard work towards a worthy goal.

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Acton Academy Helps

K-9th grade students discover and grow their unique strengths – because the world needs them.



Acton Academy uses

The latest technology in a self-paced learning environment that is designed to foster responsibility, goal-setting, and teamwork. Acton students are empowered to thrive in a world that needs independent, motivated thinkers and learners.

Acton Academy is

“student led.” This means young people take ownership of their education and peer relationships. Acton students learn to think independently, take responsibility and embrace challenge. They are being prepared to bring their own unique genius to the world.

We encourage our students

To develop personal virtues such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness and empathy. Armed with purpose and good character, we believe our students will launch into adulthood prepared to find their calling and change the world.

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We believe children learn best by doing

Whether it’s launching a startup business, creating a tidepool habitat, playing a musical instrument, painting a mosaic, or programming a robot, Acton students are building real-life skills in the classroom every day.

We believe in

The power of apprenticeships. Beginning in middle school, our students obtain summer internships in a field they are passionate about. Acton students have interned with doctors, entrepreneur bakers, plumbers, attorneys and graphic designers. What will your child choose?

We believe the learning experience

Is much richer when the teacher (“Guide”) offers insightful questions and facilitates hands on learning. Guides use the Socratic method, always responding to students’ questions with new questions. This exchange hones students’ critical thinking skills.

See Acton in Action.

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Are you frustrated with the old

traditional educational model that teaches students to spit out facts and pass state-mandated tests?
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Debbie says...
“The thought of a learning environment...
"...that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn’t deserve that?”
Erin P. says…
“We are so pleased that our children
"...are students in this remarkable school! We have seen so much personal growth in both of them as the year has progressed! They are excited to go to school everyday and accomplish so much while they are there. The families at Acton are really wonderful, and we have been nothing but impressed with all of the teachers. I highly recommend Acton Academy”
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Nick & Brenda say…
“Excellent school that teaches...
"...the Socrates methodology. We have both our children going to this school and they/we are extremely happy with the environment and results.”

Lessons thats sparks Creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and different is formed.
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Active learning

Active learning is a teaching method that strives to more directly involve students in the learning process. The term active learning was introduced by the English scholar R. W. Revans.

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Physical excercise

Part of the daily schedule.Including yoga, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding

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Focus on Creativity

Music and Art is part of the studio schedule.


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Space for the exhibition!

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Private school serving children grades kinder to 9th grade.

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